December 4, 2015
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November 18, 2016


Students, who are accepted to DELC, are required to come for play dates in their designated classroom with their parents prior to full enrollment in order to acclimate them to their new teacher and school environment.

In order to help prepare parents and families to attend DELC, we provide a new family orientation/question and answer session prior to joining our school community at the be.  We also offer a preschool orientation for families moving from the toddler room into the preschool.

We pay particular attention to ensuring any transition for the children is done in a sensitive and timely manner.  We have two major transition times: prior to summer camp and before the start of the fall school year in August.

Before our toddlers transition in to the preschool, toddler teachers coordinate with each child’s new class teacher for “visit” days.  Small groups will be accompanied to the new classroom for circle time/activities/free play periods.  The “new” teacher is also encouraged to visit the toddler room prior to receiving the new cohort.  Conference notes showing developmental achievements and social-emotional competencies are shared with the new teacher along with any pertinent observations.

Due to our curriculum and daily schedule, preschool students are already well-acclimated to all preschool teachers and rooms.  However, with students that require more transitional support, we adopt the same protocol as we do with the toddler students.  Conference notes and observations are shared from the current preschool classroom to the “new”preschool teacher.