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July 20, 2015

The Gardens

The gardens are an important resource for our students.  By surrounding them with nature and involving them in the care of the plants, not only are you introducing aesthetic awareness but also facilitating an adventure of discoveries.  Children will learn about the cycles of life and learn to feel in tune with their surroundings.

making observations for our nature journals.

Focusing on a honey bee

Focusing on a honey bee

In addition to this gardens provide many learning experiences including but not exclusive to the following:

Science – sensory experiences / investigation of materials /  recognizing and naming plant / creating mini gardens parts / effects of light on growth / predictions and estimations /garden bugs etc

Art – rubbings / paintings / pressing flowers / observations of color/ design (creating mini gardens) etc

Math – classifying / color recognition / measuring, sorting and comparing / shapes recognition / growing sequence / size / mathematical language etc