DELC earns a LEVEL 4 rating from COSHINES!
November 7, 2017
April 17, 2019


We are hiring enthusiastic, reliable, and energetic early childhood teachers for full-time (approximately 38 hours per week) All teachers work approximately 38 hours per week, Monday through Friday.   Starting pay is $13.26 per hour, pending on education and experience levels.  Interested applicants should e-mail Lesley or Becca through our contact form and attach a cover letter and resume.

Qualifications: Early Childhood Teacher qualifications as laid out in the Colorado Rules and Regulations for Large Child Care Centers Rule 7.703.44. Must have one of the following options:

  • Bachelor’s (4 year) degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Family and Child Development, or Child Psychology
  • Bachelor’s (4 year) degree in an unrelated field with two 3 credit early childhood courses including at least one of the following: ECE101: Introduction to Early Childhood and ECE103: Guidance Strategies
  • Current Early Childhood Professional Credential 2.0 Level III
  • An Associate’s (2 year) degree in child development or early childhood education
  • Current certification as a Child Development Associate (CDA)
  • Completion of two years of college education (60 semester credit hours) with at least one college course ECE101 or ECE103 and 6 months (910 hours) of verified experience in the care and supervision of four or more children six years of age who are not related to the individual
  • Twelve semester hours in college-level credits in child growth and development and/or early childhood education with at lease one college course in ECE101 or ECE 103, and 9 months (1365 hours) of verified experience in the care and supervision of four or more children six years of age who are not related to the individual
  • A current Colorado Level I credential or two three credit college course with one course being Introduction to Early Child hood Education, and 24 months (3640 hours) of verified experience.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Planning, supervising, and implementing developmentally appropriate activities, both independently and with other preschool staff. This includes leading open-ended activities for multi-aged groups, circle time/music and movement, as well as organizing special events and coordinating a home-school curriculum connection.
  • Writing in family communication books, recording daily activities for parents, and writing monthly newsletters to communicate classroom information to families.
  • Gearing the program to the needs of the individual children with concern for their developmental level, culture, interests, abilities, special talents, individual learning style and pace of learning.
  • Treating all children, parents, colleagues with respect and dignity.
  • Handling discipline in accordance to T.R.A.C.K. (Truthful, Responsible and Respectful, Assertive, Cooperative, Kind.) At all times acknowledging the feelings of the child.
  • Providing a positive role model for the children.
  • Helping children to become aware of and develop their roles as integral members of a larger group.
  • Being responsible for ordered arrangement, appearance, décor and learning environment of the classroom.
  • Assuming an equal share in the housekeeping of the school.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of children both indoors and outdoors and following all required health and safety procedures as specified by licensing and quality rating scales.
  • Modeling appropriate interactions with children for assistant teachers, volunteers, aides and supervising them with children and their daily responsibilities.
  • Conducting twice a year developmental checklists, collecting observations, work samples. and photos for each student to inform developmentally appropriate student portfolios that are used during family conferences twice a year.
  • Attending and contributing toward monthly staff meetings.
  • Maintaining professional attitudes and loyalty to the school at all times.
  • Maintaining confidentiality in regard to children, their families, and the staff.
  • Maintaining professional appearance and punctuality.
  • Participating in required staff development/work weeks as well as 15 hours of professional development per year
  • Reading and understanding school policies, personnel policies and parent handbook.


  • Full pay during the following closures: Thanksgiving break (three days; the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week); winter break (two weeks); and spring break (one week).
  • Full pay for any Durango 9-R School District designated snow days.
  • Seven (7) PTO days per school year for full-time employees, and a pro-rated number of paid personal/sick days per school year for part-time employees based on the number of hours worked as set forth in the employee’s hiring agreement. Teachers may use their PTO days for bank closure holidays: Labor Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, and the Fourth of July (for summer employees only). If teachers choose not to use a PTO day for a bank closure holiday, they will not be paid for that day.
  • A medical stipend each pay period to offset medical expenses: Any employee who works 32 or more hours per week will receive a monthly stipend of $170 to purchase health insurance. Any employee who works 18 to 31 hours will receive a monthly stipend of $90. This will be paid directly to the employee in his/her regular paycheck and subject to applicable deductions.
  • The opportunity to join the school’s AFLAC plan.
  • The opportunity to partake in a 403B plan
  • A 50 percent reduction in tuition fees for employee’s children.